Analyzing Malaysian Budget 2013

To help readers grasp the 2013 federal budget announced by the Malaysian government on Sep 28, 2012, I worked with our graphic designer to put together this infographic on the same day of the announcement.

It not only explains the gist of the budget, but also provides historical context and analyzes the trend of Malaysian government spending. Each chart shows an unhealthy characteristic of the government spending habit, which of course was not presented in any of the official budget reports or speeches.

The process of collecting, cleaning analyzing old data was the most challenging and time-consuming part in this project (and in most of my other projects too) as the data was in PDF format and contained conflicting figures.

The outcome however was rewarding because we were the only news outlet that provided these insights. The same infographic was updated and published again a year later on the 2014 budget after I left the company to pursue my study in New York.

For many data journalists out there, this may look like a very basic and simple data visualization, but for Malaysiakini and other Malaysian media which don’t know much about data journalism, it was a big step.

Click on the image to enter enlarged view. It was published here but somehow it went missing after a CMS change that happened after I left for New York.