Interactive: LeBron James’ Numbers Don’t Lie

This is another interactive chart + infographic I made during my summer stint with NBC Local Media as a data intern. It was published on Aug 1, 2014 when NBA star player Lebron James announced his decision to return to Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2014/2015 season.

Similar to the interactive chart on San Diego Comic-Con International 2014, it was produced using Tableau Public to show Lebron’s performance on the court, and the salary he drew in the 11-year career with both Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers.

This was quite a straight forward and relatively easier task as all the data was publicly available. The only struggle was to figure out how to embed Tableau chart into NBC CMS because the CMS (it has been updated recently) could not accept external code. It was solved by hosting the chart on my Github account and embedded in NBC website as an iframe.

Mission accomplished!

Click on the image to visit the page.