NYC Mayoral Election 2013 Voting Map

This is the first data visualization project I made together with my amazing classmates at NYU’s Studio 20 grad program for Bedford+Bowery, a hyperlocal website operated by NYU journalism students . We polled 318 New Yorkers living in Bedford & Bowery area about their views on the 2013 NYC Mayoral election, and plotted their responses on a map using Google Fusion Tables!

I was assigned to find the tool to produce the map we want and transfer all data to the map. Goole Fusion Tables turned out to be the easiest tool for non-coder (I had yet to learn coding then). However I faced 2 challenge:

  1. Finding a map file (SHP or KML) that has the neighborhood boundaries of our project i.e. Bushwick, Williamsburg, LES/Chinatown, East Village and Greenpoint. After some searches, we realized there’s no such map because census map does not divide the area in such a way.
  2. Putting 2 layers of data – one shows the response of each respondent (each dot) and another one that shows the collective response of each neighborhood.

To solve the first issue, we drew and created our own map file using Google’s My Maps. The interface was surprisingly easier than we thought.

The second issue, which was assigned to me, is trickier. To overlap 2 layers of maps created by Google Fusion Tables, I have to use a Google API called Fusion Tables Layer which requires coding skill. Luckily someone has created a front-end interface called FusionTablesLayer Wizard (bookmark this!) that makes life easier for non-coders! All you need is just copy and paste the links of your Fusion Tables Maps, and select the customization options.

Mission accomplished!

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