Interactive: San Diego Comic-Con By the Numbers

I produced this interactive chart + infographic on San Diego Comic-Con International 2014 (SDCC), the largest comic conference in the US,  during my summer stint with NBC Local Media as a data intern.

It was selected by Tableau Public as the Viz of the Day.

The instruction from the editors was simple: find some information about SDCC and put together an infographic.  But I wanted to make some thing more than that. I was curious about the history of the event and the journey it took to reach today’s popularity. So I started to collect data but one important data is missing – the ticket prices of previous conferences. I decided to build that data myself and went through a long and tedious online searching process, going from one website to another to find and verify the ticket prices of all the previous conferences since 2000. Together with other readily available data, I visualized it using Tableau Public, one of my favorite data visualization tools as it is free and user friendly.

I also found some old SDCC logos from the official website and thought it would be fun to explore SDCC’s history through visual. I used JCarousel, a jQuery plugin to build my first photo carousel. Anyone with some basic HTML and CSS skill should be able to make it work.

Then I wrap the two components with the infographic that I made using free online infographic making tool Piktochart and Adobe Photoshop in a box, uploaded it into my Github account and embedded in NBC website as an iframe.

Mission accomplished!

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