Common Core Standards Interactive Map

This interactive map was published in NBC Local Media websites after I finished my summer internship there. Rather than a standalone story, It serves as a complementary data component to the story that summarizes the current situation of the much debated Common Core Standards.

Such evergreen data component is useful when you know the issue will remain in the media for quite some time. The chart can be updated by just changing the data in the spreadsheet.

Again, I made the map using Tableau Public. I have discussed about some of its features here and here. Another advantage about this free data visualization tool is that different charts can be integrated into a single frame, and respond to user interaction. When you click on the items in the legend, both the map and the column chart will be highlighted.

The last time I checked on Tableau Public (click on ‘See more by this author’ below the map) , this chart has been viewed over 11,000 times.  Dataviz rocks!

Click on the screen capture below to visit the story page where you can find the interactive map.